Meredith studied Sculpture and Art Education at the University of Georgia. Then she went on to work in wilderness therapy, sustainable architecture, and international rural development before starting her own business, 

Nomad Travel Gear.  Meredith is a full time artist and designer. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Bridges 10.jpg

My artwork relates to our human struggle to meet our physical needs. I am exploring how the modern disconnect between the user and maker of everyday objects, has eroded the meaning from our daily rituals.

My sculptures reference tools and ritual objects that have become obsolete or whose traditional production methods have been displaced by modern technological processes.  

I honor intricate handwork in my sculptures as a way to reconnect to the meaning of these objects. 

My use of natural materials is a conscious choice that involves less convenience and more time consuming methodology during the construction of an artwork. Many synthetic materials offer unnecessary strength that society has come to expect without regarding the ecological and social implications involved in this constructed permanence.